At least three Evanston residents now say they’re planning campaigns to be elected mayor next spring.

Alderman Brian Miller, 9th Ward, says he’s planning a kickoff gathering for supporters at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Little Beans Cafe at 430 Asbury Ave.

Steve Hagerty, president of Evanston-based Hagerty Consulting, confirmed Monday plans to run that Evanston Now first reported on July 20. Hagerty last year served as chair of a mayoral committee recommending options for the Harley Clarke mansion.

And Alderman Mark Tendam, 6th Ward, on Monday said he’s “very likely” to join the race. Tendam is now serving his second term on the City Council.

The announcement in July by Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl that she wouldn’t run for a third four-year term opened up the race. Tisdahl had run unopposed for her second term after winning a four-way contest for the job the first time around.

Tisdahl injected herself into the race for her replacement Monday with comments to the Daily Northwestern suggesting she had doubts about Miller’s ability to work well with others. Tisdahl appointed Miller as alderman in 2015 to replace Coleen Burrus, who resigned.

One notable thing about the potential field so far is that all the candidates are men. Evanston’s last three mayors — dating back to the election of Joan Barr in 1985 — have all been women.

Would-be candidates have until Dec. 19 to collect the petition signatures required to qualify for a position on the April ballot.

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Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Bike lights at night

    Will Mr. Miller run on a platform of doing away with the city ordinance that bicycles use lights at night?  That was his latest pronouncement on what this city needs despite the existence of state law that also requires nighttime lights for bikes.

    Egads.  I hope that he demonstrates better judgment and common sense soon. 

    1. Whoever wins the next

      Whoever wins the next elecation should look into replacing key leadership in the City Manager's office. Pets and all. 

    2. Miller wants accountability

      i wonder if Miller asking Liz and Wally to appoint an ombudsman to oversee our city government and our city council so that we could be ensured all activities are on the up and up has anything to do with her not supporting his run.  Instead she says she doesn't think he can work with others.  That sounds a lot like "he's not playing ball with us so we need to get rid of him."  People on this site are always pushing for change… If you want real change, take a long look at everyone our incumbents DON'T like.  Not all of Miller's ideas are great, but at least he is trying to bring a level of transparency unlike any we've ever had before.  Give some consideration to the guy who wants city oversight on behalf of the residents.  We've become a cesspool of back room dealing and it needs to change.

      1. Miller is the worst possible candidate

        Miller can secure votes of folks who want to break laws (bike light fiasco).  What is his motivve?  Does he want to run for every possible office?  Does he not have a day job?  The only thing he has shown is the desire to fight with anyone and everyone…   Knee jerk and silly ideas are on his platform….  He is a left wing Trump style candiddate.

        1. Agreed

          Miller is clueless.  I will leave it at that since this is a public forum and I have nothing nice to say about him.

    3. bike light
      As an avid cyclist riding between 4,000 and 7,500 miles per year, I am all for laws requiring bikes to have lights from dusk to dawn.

      1. Why lights

        Normally I'd say lights would not be needed if bikers rode safely, but they don't.

        Every night [and day] I see NU students riding as fast as  they can  through stop signs even when traffic is heavy.  But then again students walk through cross walks—against lights and manuel signs without looking–and most with dark clothing.

        The last few nights I've left for home from EPL at 5PM  and been amazed at traffic oin Elgin, Lincoln and even Orrington. With all that traffic, bike lights are needed even in well lite areas.

        BTW I bike everywhere and don't  use a car.

  2. Wrong about Miller

    I see that there are a number of people that are firmly against Brian Miller and I feel that they are wrong. Brian reminds me when Colleen Burrus ran and won. She started out as an independent. She was on the losing side on half the votes. She thought that voting the right way would earn her respect on the council. I didn't always agree with her but I respected her. She soon found out that in order to get something passed she had to do what others were doing. She had to do what most of the others were doing. She had to trade votes 'Quid Pro Quo'. She told me that she didn't like doing it but that the other choice would be leaving or not being effective. Other aldermen gave her little ability to represent the 9th ward. I see Brian Miller in the same light as Colleen but he is still trying to be independent. There is still time to save Brian before he quits the council. Elect Brian Miller as mayor if you want some hope of having honest government. Don't believe the current mayor. She was part of the cabal

    1. I Agree, Quid Pro Quo, Give Miller an Honest Look
      Dear Quid Pro Quo, I agree with you. I went to Miller’s campaign kick-off last night and was totally impressed with his messaging. He is definitely showing his independent side and not trying to play the usual campaign game. Someone said it best in another comment…. if you want something different in your representation, than vote for the guy the people in power don’t like. Miller’s not playing the back-room dealing game and I’d agree that’s why they are floating the assertion he doesn’t work well with others.

      The priorities Miller set last night are so on target – helping our youth so they don’t fall into gangs… not leaving them behind, using our tax dollars to fix our crumbling infrastructure instead of trying to pick favorite businesses, and bringing real transparency to the dealings that go on down at our civic center. He was right when he said residents’ don’t feel like we figure into the decision-making in our own town…. in our own neighborhoods. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel you could TRUST your elected officials and the paid city leaders? I know I’d like that and, in order to have that, we need real transparency, not just talk of transparency we supposedly already have. If we had it, we’d not be feeling such lack of trust.

      1. Miller is a connected candidate

        Brian Miller is the president of the Evanston Democrat party and is chief of staff for Democrat Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin. He is by no measure an independent candidate.

        So tell me what people in power don't like Brian Miller? He's their guy. They love him – Suffredin, Emanual, Madigan, et al. They are all cut from the same cloth.

        If Miller is elected mayor one could argue he would be a mouthpiece for the Illinois Democratic party that many say is engaged in crooked politics. 


        1. There’s literally no evidence

          There's literally no evidence that he would be a "mouthpiece for the Illinois Democratic party."  In fact, the reason the mayor doesn't like him is because he's stood up to her on so many occasions instead of being a rubber stamp.

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