Three restaurants cited for underage liquor sales


Evanston police say they caught three restaurants selling liquor to under-age customers this month.

The police say they used teens posing as alcohol purchasers under police surveillance in checking 42 locations.

That's somewhat less than half the 104 places with liquor licenses in the city.

Citations were issued to Blue Stone Restaurant, 1932 Central St., and Farmhouse Tavern, 703 Church St. on Monday, Sept. 9, and to World of Beer, 1601 Sherman Ave., on Monday, Sept. 16.

The compliance checks are conducted annually and are funded in part by a federal grant to the Evanston Substance Abuse and Prevention Coalition.

Police say the goal of the checks is to ensure that alcohol is only sold to adults, age 21 or older, and that establishments are properly asking for identification to verify the age requirement.

The citations will be heard at an administrative adjudication hearing at the Civic Center.

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