The Tilted Kilt restaurant chain, denied a liquor license in Evanston over complaints about its scantily clad waitresses, won approval this week to expand operations in Schaumburg.

Some residents there cited the opposition in Evanston as a reason for denying newly-opened bar’s request to add outdoor dining and video games.

One woman, quoted by Trib Local, argued that waitresses serving customers on the restaurant’s patio would distract passing drivers on Higgins Road.

The village board approved the outdoor dining but turned down the video game plan.

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Mayor rejects Tilted Kilt license

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  1. They have a restaurant called

    They have a restaurant called HOOTERS…. What do they think that means? Perhaps they want to end up with as much empty real estate as we do….  We seem to want more empty real estate to help drive residents out of here. At this rate we won't have to worry about traffic. Ghost towns have NO traffic.

  2. Schaumburg gets it right..

    The full article reads that some people complained, like in Evanston, that they thought the Kilt was morally corrupt, and that they should not be allowed to add a patio for fear that children might see the waitresses. 


    "Village President Al Larson said the village does have morals and does not see anything wrong with the Tilted Kilt. He said the village has shut down businesses in the past that had allowed inappropriate activities, though didn’t say which ones. He said the addition of a patio would be an attractive addition to the restaurant, as it is at many area restaurants."

    Say what you want about Schaumburg, but this city works.   They were recently awarded a Gold Medal award from the National Park and Recreation Association.  This award "honors communities throughout the United States that demonstrate excellence in long-range planning, resource management, and agency recognition. Each agency is judged on its ability to address the needs of those it serves through the collective energies of citizens, staff, and elected officials."

    Our city officials should start taking notes.  

  3. Art Festival

    There was an art festival several weeks ago on Sherman. Not too far from the proposed location of the proposed Kilt, I saw a few paintings of exposed breasts. I also saw children at the festival. I sincerely hope we can start censoring the art festival and making the vendors exercise the same level of discretion with these adult topics that we expect other businesses to exercise. I don't want smut peddlers in Evanston.

  4. Disgracing downtown square….

    Ha! This story makes me laugh.  Here we are today, months after the wonderful city council protected us all from the deadly Tilted Kilt.  Yet the space it was suppose to occupy is STILL empty as are many of the downtown retail areas.  I remember specifically reading that the Tilted Kilt would also disgrace the War memorial known as the Fountain Square.  Yet as I walked into work the other day after lunch, I couldn't help but notice the 10-15 homeless people who had taken up residency in the Fountain Square and wonder how much they were doing to disgrace the square?

    What's also amazing to me is that after I sent emails to the mayor and alderman asking what proposals they had to bring in new businesses and revenue to the downtown area, there were no responses.  AHHHH, our public officials hard at work to raise tax dollars to support the empty spaces.  It certainly makes me want to vote for them again!

    1. Pay attention

      The liquor commission (i.e., Mayor) turned down the Kilt.  The "wonderful city council" never even touched the issue.  There is a ridiculous amount of flat-out wrong information that gets posted here.  The reporting is good, but the comments reveal that many people must not even read the articles.  Criticize all you want, but stop trying to be entertaining or funny at the expense of getting the facts straight.  It takes away from the debate.  There are plenty of entertaining and amusing things to expand on that are factually correct.

      1. Mayor, liquor commission …

        Mayor, liquor commission, the holy spirit…. I don't care.  They still haven't solved the problem of the empty space and dying downtown area.  They would rather bicker about what signage is up around Evanston. 

        By the way fact checker….what have you done to solve Evanston's problems?  Maybe start by voting for someone who has ACTUAL ideas rather than vote down potential business owners looking to do business in Evanston.

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