Tired of the tree? City will pick it up


So if you’re already tired of your Christmas tree, you can put it out at the curb and have the city pick it up starting next Monday.

City crews will pick up trees on the normal trash day in each neighborhood through Jan. 31. (There won’t be any pickup on Wednesday, Jan. 1, a city holiday.)

The city asks that you remove all lights and decorations from your tree and place it in the parkway between the sidewalk and curb.

The trees will be turned into mulch, so don’t put your tree in a plastic bag, because the bags — like the lights and decorations — could damage the mulching equipment.

If you’ve got holiday lights and extension cords you’d like to get rid of, they can be dropped off for recycling at the Levy Senor Center, the Evanston Public Library or the Evanston Ecology Center through the end of January.

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