Public Safety

Chief wants to nix game-day peddlers

The City Council tonight is scheduled to act on a request from Evanston Police Chief Richard Eddington to ban peddlers from the area from the area around Northwestern's athletic complex on days when events are being held.

The proposed peddler-free zone would be bounded by Isabella Street, Ridge Avenue, Lincoln Street and Green Bay Road.

The restriction would be similar to ones already in place around the Evanston Township High School athletic field on game days and around elementary and secondary schools on school days.

The ban would apply to all sales of food and merchandise and would also ban selling or reselling of event tickets except by the event ticket office or a licensed ticket broker.

Crime watch: Kids picking on kids

Evanston police say a 13-year-old boy was beaten by three other teens near the intersection of Dodge Avenue and Greenwood Street about 4:45 p.m. Thursday. The assailants escaped southbound on Dodge and police units in the area were unable to locate them.

In a separate incident at 517 Elmwood St., a 12-year-old reported that a boy about 15 years old grabbed a cellphone from his hand and then ran off.

Elsewhere on the crime front, burglars broke into homes Thursday afternoon in the 1700 block of Monroe Street and the 1300 block of Brummel Street and made off with electronics gear, and somebody reported a city garbage can missing from a home at 2145 Maple Ave.

More on the crime page.

Woman injured in Pace bus accident

(Update 6:01 a.m., 9/18/09) City officials say a woman was hit by a Pace bus at Davis Street and Ridge Avenue during the Thursday afternoon rush hour.

The woman reportedly was trapped beneath the bus for 15 minutes until Evanston fire crews removed her. She's reportedly hospitalized with serious injuries.

An Evanston Now reader says a tow truck had to be used to lift the bus off the victim. "The person was screaming and it was horrible," the witness said.

The accident snarled traffic on Ridge through the evening rush hour.

It took a while, but Pace eventually sent another bus to the scene to let passengers continue on their way.

The bus involved apparently was on Route 250, which runs from downtown Evanston to O'Hare airport.

Raising a stink about skunks

skunk-090916.jpgAlderman Ann Rainey, 8th Ward, complained at Monday's City Council meeting about an invasion of skunks in her ward. She said the city needs a new policy to deal with skunk overpopulation And, less than two days later, the city staff has responded -- with a news release. It seems, from the release, that the problem is us. People are letting their yards and buildings become desirable homes for skunks. The release says ...
Skunks will burrow under sheds, homes, businesses, porches, decks, crawlspaces and woodpiles to create a home. They will enter foundation openings to get to these spots or create a skunk holes themselves. One way in which skunks can be abated from your property is by exclusion. Exclusion in this case is the elimination of all possible sites of habituation where they might make their dens. Remove the den sites under and around structures such as garages and homes.
Now here's where it gets fun, with details about how to evict the skunks ...

Man tries to lure girls into van

Evanston police are seeking help from the public in learning more about two incidents in the past 24 hours in which a man tried to lure young girls into a blue van. blue-mini-van-090914.jpg Commander Tom Guenther says that about 5:50 p.m. Sunday a blue van, similar to the one pictured below, approached two female juveniles as they walked in the area of Oakton and Darrow. Guenther says the male driver called out to the girls to get into the van. The girls refused to do so. He then got out of the van and again urged them to get into it. At that point, Guenther says, the girls began to scream for help and ran from the area. The driver is believed to have entered the van and driven away eastbound on Oakton from Darrow. This morning about 8:30 a.m. 14-year-old female was standing in front of Chute School, 1400 Oakton St.

Police: Be skeptical of fundraisers

The Evanston Police Department has issued a note to residents cautioning them about solicitors who may claim to be raising funds for the department. Here's the message:
On occasion the Evanston Police Department receives inquires from citizens who have been contacted by a fundraiser who claims to be raising funds on behalf of the Evanston Police Department. They speak in veiled generalities, using emotional ploys insinuating the money goes to purchase bulletproof vests or goes to support the survivors of fallen officers. While these causes are very worthwhile when they are legitimate, and some fund raising efforts are, often very little of the funds collected go to support the actual articulated cause. The bulk of the funds go into a “general fund,” which is used with board discretion by the requesting fundraiser.

Weekend crime: Home invasion

The weekend crime report from the Evanston Police Department leads with news of a home invasion on Bradley Place.

Police say at least two subjects broke into a home in the 2400 block of Bradley shortly after noon on Friday.

That's between Fowler and McDaniel Avenues a block north of Main Street on Evanston's west side.

The invaders displayed handguns and put towels over the faces of the people inside the home and demanded money and drugs.

After being told there was nothing in the house, the robbers removed the towels from the victims' faces and fled the home taking two laptop computers with them.

The suspects are described as thin black males of average height dressed all in black.

The weekend roundup also includes two burglaries, two batteries and nine thefts.

Details are on the crime map.