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Skyscraper Nightmares

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I am deeply troubled by the lack of attention to carefully assessing the longterm impact of the proposed 708 Church street skyscraper development on Evanston. Developers and some aldermen suggest that this will add new tax revenues and therefore we should all embrace the project. However, no tangible proof whatsoever has been offered to back up these assertions (even by the consultants hired by the city).

Skokie saves with part-time cops

The police department consumes more of Evanston's general fund budget than any other single department. And the story is the same for Arlington Heights and Skokie. But what each resident has to pay for police protection varies from town to town.

Evanston spends $266 from its general fund budget on policing for every resident, while Arlington Heights spends $258 and Skokie spends $190.


Those general fund numbers don't include the cost of police pensions, which are paid from a separate fund.

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