Evanston aldermen voted 6-3 tonight to approve the Fountain square tower project.

The vote came at a special session of the Planning and Development Committee.

Evanston aldermen voted 6-3 tonight to approve the Fountain square tower project.

The vote came at a special session of the Planning and Development Committee.

The proposal now goes to the full city council at its next meeting.

Alderman Melissa Wynne. 3rd Ward, Steve Bernstein, 4th Ward, and Elizabeth Tisdahl, 7th Ward, voted no.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Ald. Tisdahl’s Tower Vote
    It’s amazing that Ald. Tisdahl who was for the Downtown Development Plan (including the Tower) at early mayoral debates, decided to come out against the Tower once there was enough votes for a super majority to seal the deal for the developer. While I recognize Ald. Tisdahl’s use of political cover to pander for votes, it really shows a lack of leadership. During her tenure as 7th ward alderman since being appointed in 2003, Ms. Tisdahl usually sits very quiet at the numerous meetings I’ve attended and she also seems to lack any conviction, passion or leadership. All qualities we’d like to see in our next mayor. Tonight’s dog and pony show that I attended of the Planning & Development Committee, who’s outcome was long ago predetermined by this current Council was just the latest example. We need change and reform in Evanston from Mayor to all contested Aldermanic races. Please early vote from March 16 – April 2nd at the Civic Center or on Election Day-April 7th. Evanston can’t afford 4 more years of Ald. Tisdahl and her Evanston machine. Give our current elected officials the type of citizen input they can’t ignore,vote them out of office!!!

    Kevin O’Connor
    Citizen-Candidate for 7th Ward Alderman

  2. One small step for the Tower…a giant leap for mankind
    This is a great day for Evanston and a great day for America.

    For months the extremists have been making a lot of noise, but now finally the silent majority is being heard. Congratulations to the 6 noble aldermen who put the City’s interests above the petty parochial whinings of the NIMBYs.

    And Alderman Tisdahl – all of your firefighting friends won’t be able to save your campaign as it goes down in flames, because the people of Evanston will remember your vote.

    Of course, the battle isn’t over yet..but this is yet another sign that America is coming back. I saw some news stories today about how President Obama’s stimulus projects are starting – a road in Virginia, a bridge here, some train tracks there… The government stimulus helps, but let’s see some private enterprise too…I want to hear the sweet sound of bulldozers flattening the old 708 Church Building….

    1. The Extended Middle Finger
      Mr. Who Knows What?, now that our Finance Darwin Award Council has pandered to the developers, I trust that you will honor them by keeping vigil outside 708 Church as they scurry about for financing in the years to come. Perhaps you can offer the departing tenants some cocoa puffs as they leave.

      The Tower will be a fitting memorial to the departing Council, a reminder of their fiscal aptitude, crowned with the police and fire pension fund debacle. Something that we can reflect upon as our taxes increase in the years to come.

      A stimulus indeed — The Tower to Nowhere.

      1. A stimulus indeed
        I can’t wait to get on the waiting list to buy a unit.

        And when Chicago wins the bid for the Summer Olympics,
        I’ll even consider renting it out when there is a demand for housing. Yes, I’m a Capitalist! This is
        vote is a small glimmer of hope for Evanston’s future
        as well for the country given the current circumstances.

        Dont’ get me started on the taxes. Do you know what the current 708 building brings in for taxes? Now compare THAT with what this project will bring in!

        1. Tower taxes
          And WHEN exactly will those taxes start rolling in, flooding city coffers from these civic minded developers? I don’t plan on holding my breath . . .

  3. Proud of the City Council
    I had the priveledge of sitting through the P & D Committe Special Meeting last night, and I must say that all of the Alderman were a pleaseure to watch and listen to. I have rarely heard such articulate positions from all.

    I have been in favor of the Tower Project from its beginings, but not until last night was it made perfectly clear by those in support, how important the approval is.

    There is a need both nationally and locally to express real confidence in the strength of our economy and our people. Last night the council moved from mere words to action. I applaud you.

    I found Alderman Wollin’s comments so refreshing and articulate, I thought about standing and cheering. Alderman Rainey was equally passionate and right on target with her comments. I esspecially want to thank Alderman Hansen for supporting the project. It took a great deal of thoughtfullnes and courage to take her position.

    I urge all of those who weren’t able to attend last nights meeting to try to catch it on Cable. You will see the often much maligned council operate in a very thoughtful, respectful, and open manner. I just hope that all of those running for either mayoral or aldermanic contests watched how a well functioning City Council can move forward, even when there is disagreement between them

    I would hope that the City would post press releases to all news outlets stating that Evanston is bucking the doom and gloom climate that the nation is in and is making a real investment in the future.

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