Evanston Township Supervisor Gary Gaspard has resigned.

In a one-paragraph letter set Thursday evening to Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl and Town Clerk Rodney Greene. Gaspard said the part-time supervisor’s job “requires more time than I anticipated,” and that as a result he is resigning, effective today.

City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz says the Township Board will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, before the scheduled City Council meeting, to discuss appointment of a new township supervisor.

Gaspard was elected to the supervisor’s job in April’s municipal election.

Gaspard came under sharp criticism from town board members in August for proposing a 29 percent budget increase. The board ultimately approved a budget that continued spending at last year’s level.

He more recently was criticized for spending over $17,000 on help-wanted ads in the Chicago Sun-Times for positions that the board had not approved funding for.

The City Council has introduced a proposal to hold a binding referendum on dissolving the township and having the city assume its duties, but aldermen postponed a final vote on the referendum question Monday night and asked the city manager to provide more details on just how the city would take over the general assistance and property taxpayer advice programs now run by the township.

Top: Gaspard defending his budget proposal at a town board meeting in August.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Wow!

    1. It's crazy enough that he resigns, but worse he resigns immediately without allowing time for a replacement.

    2. Why resign to the Mayor?  As far as I understand, the Mayor has nothing to do with the Township — she does not sit on or govern the Township Board.

  2. Gary was in over his head

    Gary was in over his head, but then again so is the Mayor and most of the city council members.  The City Council has not given the public a clear reason why they want to eliminate the township.

    Recently when one Township employee spoke, who handles the general assistance to the poor, Alderperson Grover, said she did not realize what they were doing. 

    I think we all realize the Township could be run better, but then again to have Wally and staff trying to run it when they are not running the city well, is not in anyones interest.  Wally, the Mayor and Council have a long list of screw ups, in their manangement of the city, so for them to focus on Gary's mistakes is hypocritical.

    Gary failure is also a reflection on Wally who recently had a city employee try to assist him with the budget, also everyone needs to understand the council are the trustees, so what have they been doing for all these years to provide any real oversight or direction?

    In watching this mess, it appears the council acted in a small manner, that is they let personalities, get in the way of their role as trustees, since the township elected officials appeared not to get along with the city council.

    I think the city council should remember their role as trustees was not to act as if they were all powerful, but to aid the poor.

    Finally everyone needs to realize the city has a budget of over $250 million, which the council members should be focused on not the Township's budget of over $1 million dollars!

      1. Actually, you’re wrong.

        The City Council (sans the Mayor) serve as the Trustees of Evanston Township.  By state law, Townships must do three things:

        1. Maintain roads;

        2. Assess property (although not really in Cook County); and

        3. Provide general assistance (aid the poor).

        So, legally the Township Trustees (aka the Evanston City Council) MUST BY LAW aid the poor.

      2. City role not to aid the poor?

        Where have you been?  You better take  a look at the city budget, – at the last council they approved money for Curts Cafe to train disadvantaged youth for low paying jobs food service jobs. Wasn't the mayor recently involved in bringing a health clinic here for the poor, which appears to be not being used?  Your tax dollars have been involved in that clinic although the official position of the city is no taxpayer money was used.

        The city by the way has been taking the surplus from the township and giving the funds to Evanston social services programs claiming they are connected to the township's clients, which I seriously doubt they are not.

        The city has for years been aiding the poor, although I suspect a large amount of the money has done little of anything and mostly gone to those that have political connection to the council.

        Take a look at the council new programs for disadvantages youth ( those that might use guns?) this is the mayor new push.  

        "pcl" you need to go to council and see what is really going on!

  3. Disappointed in the trustees and staff

    I have the most respect for Gary Gaspard. He took office with pride and was motivated to make a change. Even though he knew the Township was going to be dissolved, he was still eager to make positive changes.

    How can we expect him to work with a group of staff that have no boundaries and wants to do what they want to do and when they want to do it without his approval? What is the meaning of being an elected official if you cannot say anything or give your staff any directives?

    The staff there, are there too long and are resistant to changes and having a new person in charge. They have been insubordinate and disrespectful. Also, could it be because he is a black foreigner? It's a shame that the Mayor and the Trustees did not fight to keep him.

    A whole new staff is needed at that Township. It's their loss for letting Mr. Gaspard resign because he had a new vision that no one will ever know. I cannot wait to hear what Mr. Gaspard has to say. Please speak up!

    I am so disappointed in the trustees and the staff and yes go ahead and dissolve the Township so those people there can find a new home and hopefully what goes around comes around.

  4. Where is the justice?

    Mr. Gaspard was treated unfairly by his staff who showed a lack of respect towards him. Staff are there too long and are corrupted to do what they want without leadership. They worked on the budget without him to set him up, a staff member posted ad on paper without his approval and he was blamed for that.

    Where is the justice? They are resistant to change for the better. They are also racism to foreigners. They were not ready for Mr. Gaspard. I'm disappointed of the mayor and trustees for not fighting to let him stay and get rid of the corrupted staff there. It's a shame how those who supported him, are the ones who don't care.

    No wonder the Township is going to be dissolved, no one has a vision like Gary does. It takes Unity to make something happens. I do hope that he speaks out so that the tax payers would know the truth. Best of luck to you Mr. Gaspard, do not be discourage, better things will come your way.

  5. How about all those endorsements?!

    Wasn't really paying attention to the election, but was anyone else running against this guy?  Check out all those endorsments.

    Thanks Mayor, Rainey, and Burrus.  We all appreciate the recommendation! Please find someone who knows how to place an ad in the newspaper.

    1. Gaspard’s opponent

      There was another candidate in the April race for township supervisor. Election returns show that Gaspard got 57 percent of the vote to 43 percent for Keith Banks.

      — Bill

  6. Oozing incompetence

    It was clear Gaspard was incompetent and well over his head.This fact has been displayed since day one.If you review the tapes of council in town meetings it was pretty clear that he was clueless. What's really increasingly interesting is that he fooled so many people. He had a personal agenda that blew up in his face. While it can be viewed sadly and embarassing he did not have the interest of the poor or Township as priority. He resigned because he needed to. Then he goes and gets Pat Vance whom didn't support him from the beginning, at 100 dollars an hour. Are you kidding? What an insult. Well no more money for her now!

  7. SS Bobkiewicz is sinking

    Gary Gaspard is the next casuality from the vicious setting at city hall.  5 staffers have quit the City Manager department in 2013.  City representatives won't say how many workers have quit this year.  Rumor is over 100.  City workers have the same story.  Morale is sinking. Management is hitting bottom.  

    1. Township was a mess before

      Township was a mess before they even stepped foot back into the Civic Center. The City Manager is trying to bring some accountablity to the Township.  How are you linking the City Manager, who has nothing to do with the Township, to Gary quitting? Gary dug his own grave. He was incompetent and a complete tool. Let's not get into bashing the City Manager for this one.

  8. Fairness

    Out of fairness Gaspard should be paid for the rest of his term or offered a severance package. He was set up to resign. I'm sure all will come to clear once he speaks.

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