Trio tries to rob man outside campus police station in Evanston

A Northwestern University student managed fend off a robbery attempt in Evanston Sunday night by pointing out to his three assailants that they were standing right outside the campus police station.

University police say the incident happened about 10:40 p.m. The student was walking eastbound in the 500 block of Clark Street and observed a large group of men walking toward him on the south side of the street.

As he passed the group, one person in the group yelled "Yo" at the student. The student did not respond and continued walking, turning northbound on the east side of Hinman Avenue.

As he approached the middle of the block, three men confronted him and demand his money, saying: "Empty your pockets or we'll shoot you."

The victim told the three they were right in front of the campus police station, and he didn't think it was a good idea.

The three suspects fled southbound on Hinman Avenue and then westbound on Clark Street. The victim could not provide detailed descriptions of the offenders involved. The student, who was not injured, contacted police about ten minutes later. No weapon was displayed by the men.

Both the Evanston Police Department and the Northwestern University Police Department responded but were unsuccessful in locating the offenders.

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