Two more COVID-19 deaths in Evanston


Evanston health officials reported just two new COVID-19 cases among residents today, but they also reported two additional deaths from the disease.

The total number of cases in the city now stands at 768, or more than one case for every 100 residents, while the death toll stands at 68, approaching one death for every 1,1000 residents.

Chicago reported 148 new cases today for a total of 50,425 and 10 more deaths for a death toll of 2,491.

Across Illinois there were 634 more cases for a total of 136104 and 45 more deaths for a death toll of 6,625.

The Illinois Department of Public Health reported the restulst of tests of 25,965 people for the diesase today. The daily positive rate was 2.4% and the seven-day average positive reate ws 2.5%

The IDPH reported conducting 113 COVID-19 tests on Evanston residents and finding just one positive case, for a positive rate of 0.9%.

All four regions of the state continue to be on track to meet the metrics for moving to the next phase of the Restore Illinois plan on June 26.

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