Two more storms over next four days

The bigger storm could drop four inches of snow on the city, forecasters say.


Evanston residents can expect to see two more snowfall events over the next few days — with the second storm likely to be more significant than the first.

That’s the word from Edgar Cano who runs snow removal operations for the city’s Public Works Agency.

Cano says forecasters believe we will get less than an inch of snow from a storm expected to start Saturday evening and continue through the early hours of Monday.

Then Monday afternoon through mid-morning on Tuesday we could get one to four inches of snow from the second storm — with some chance for even more than that, depending on how the storm shifts direction.

Temperatures are expected to be just above freezing during the days and a bit below freeze at night during the two storm systems.

Cano says crews have been put on alert for possible call-ins over the weekend.

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