Two new COVID-19 cases in Evanston, 715 across Illinois


Evanston health officials reported two new COVID-19 cases among city residents today, while across Illinois there were a total of 715 more cases.

The city’s case count now stands at 777. No more COVID-19 deaths were reported in Evanston today, leaving the death toll at 68.

Chicago reported 163 new cases today for a total of 50,996 and 14 more deaths for a total of 2,540.

For the state as a whole the case count now stands at 138,540 while the death toll reached 6,770, an increase of 63 from Tuesday.

The Illinois Department of Public Health reported results of 29,331 more COVID-19 tests today. That’s the second highest daily test count of the pandemic so far. The positive rate for today’s tests was 2.4% while the seven-day average positive rate stands at 2.6%

The IDPH reported test results for 177 more Evanston residents today and said six of the results came back positive, a higher number than the city reported, for a positive rate of 3.4%

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