Two Republicans have filed nominating petitions to face off in the March primary election for the chance to challenge incumbent Democrat Jan Schakowsky for the 9th Congressional District seat representing Evanston.

David Earl Williams III, 29, says on his campaign website that he was born in Evanston but grew up in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.

A U.S. Navy veteran and self-published novelist, Williams describes himself as a Ron Paul supporter, has worked as a male model and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science from an online college.

Susanne Atanus, a Niles resident, has sought the GOP nomination for the 9th District seat twice before. In 2010 she was kicked off the ballot over irregularities in her nominating petitions.

In 2012 she was also forced off the ballot after her then primary opponent, Tim Wolfe, noted that she’d collected many of her signatures from voters in areas that were no longer part of the district following Congressional redistricting.

Atanus, a former federal General Services Administration employee, also made news in 2008 when she lost a federal court lawsuit in which she’d challenged her dismissal from that job.

Schakowsky, 69, of Evanston, has held the the 9th District seat since 1999, and is considered to be one of the most liberal members of Congress. She’s running unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Schakowsky has won re-election with 66 percent of the vote in her last two races.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. I do not know either of these

    I do not know either of these Republican candidates or what their positions are but I can say either one of them are far more qualified to represent us than Jan Schakowsky. Jan's knowledge base appears to be her copy of Democrat talking points that she recieves on a daily basis. Ask her about the details of any item on the talking points list and she sounds like Barack Obama with a broken teleprompter.

    I don't know why other Democrats are scarred to run against her. It would certainly be a blessing for the 9th district.


    1. Get rid of ’em all

      Whomever gets the nomination gets my vote. As far as I'm concerned, they can just back up the truck and get rid of all members of congress. Good riddance!!

  2. Very happy to hear that these

    Very happy to hear that these opponents to Jan Schakowsky are as uninformed and close minded as one would imagine.  One individual "knows absolutely nothing" about the Republican candidates but will happily vote for them instead of Jan, and another just wants to throw everyone in Congress out of office. Yep, that makes alot of sense.   Keep up those kinds of comments and you will 100% ensure reelection for Jan!  Thanks.

    1. I like David Williams.

      I like David Williams.

      Williams is opposed to genetically modified organism and supports school vouchers.

      He also opposes Obamacare – something Schakowsky strongly supports. Some claim, Schakowsky's husband, Robert Creamer, wrote the manuel that led to Obamacare. Creamer wrote  – "Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win" – while in prison. Schakowsky said "get over it" during congressisonal; hearings over the Obamacare website "glitches." Schakowsky and other liberal Democrats have teamed up with the union-driven and well-funded liberal Health Care for America Now (HCAN) on the quest to end the private healthcare insurance industry. HCAN is a political campaign organization that was created by the Tides Foundation, a left-wing organization that has ties to ACORN, SEIU, Apollo Alliance and Obama's czars. HCAN donated $25 million to get ObamaDemcare passed.

      Let's not forget that it was only several months ago when Obama was threatening to send troops into Syria that Schakowsky remained undecided – she probably would have supported it. And this year Schakowsky was arrested at an immigration protest at the National Mall, which the government opened for the protest but had kept it closed to American war vets during the government shutdown.

      Jobs and other government benefits would become less available to American citizens if Schakowsky and many Democrats have their way and legalize 30 million illegal aliens.

      Let's not forget that Schakowsky is the top frequent flier among congressmen. 

      Schakowsky and her husband went to six privately funded educational conferences for members of Congress, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Barcelona, Spain; Brussels; Istanbul; Sao Paulo; and Vienna, public reports show. On her own she took in another conference in Istanbul and twice visited Israel. She also made a solo trip with public money  to strife-torn Rwanda and Congo, where the focus was violence against women. These trips were bankrolled chiefly by private groups spending $130,000 on expenses for her and her husband.

      Don't forget that Schakowsky's previous opponent's claim that Schakowsky steered a $2.5 million grant from the $1 trillion federal stimulus to install a geothermal system at a union office in Countryside. The union apparently was Schakowsky's biggest donor.

      And let's not forget how Schakowsky used her political office to help the unions try and take away the non-profit status of St. Francis Hospital in Evanston a few years back by creating a voter referendum. It was an effort by unions and Schakowsky to use strong-arm tactics to force St. Francis to unionize. Schakowsky abused her office to favor the unions over a local hospital that provides a lot of charity to Evanstonians. Voters, however, rejected Schakowsky and the unions' effort and voted that St. Francis keep its non-profit status. 

      I think it's time for change.

      Williams for the 9th Congressional District seat! 

  3. Jan represents her district well…

    … and deserves to be re-elected as long as she continues to do so.

    1. Good grief, you just insulted
      Good grief, you just insulted the district. Evanston deserves somebody with smarts, somebody with integrity. Evanston deserves better. Which means just about anybody other than Schakowsky..

      Remember, she’s the one who snuck over 300 of her union army into the back door of Niles West High School to stack the deck for her health care town hall. This denied over 300 people who waited in line for hours entry to the town hall.

  4. David Earl Williams III

    The Illinois GOP repulses me, but I can support David Earl Williams III. 

    He seems to have a sensible approach in his political positions; and he will not act as a status quo cheerleader for the authoritarian types that run the ILGOP and Illinois Democratic Party. 

    I would encourage you all to throw your support behind him. Jan Schakowsky has been in Washington D.C. long enough.

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