Two men were shot  on Lyons Street near Dodge Avenue in Evanston shortly after 7 p.m. this evening

Police Chief Richard Eddington says the two victims, both young men, reportedly got into an argument with a third man that escalated into the shooting near 1823 Lyons.

After being shot one of the victims managed to run nearly two blocks to 1621 Dodge.

Top: A Fire Department ambulance transporting one of the schooting victims rounds the corner at Emerson Street and Dodge Avenue. Above: Police cars clustered on Dodge at Lyons Street, near the shooting scene.

Both victims were taken by ambulance to Evanston Hospital.

The gunman, who reportedly was armed with a black semi-automatic handgun, was described by one witness as a black male, about 25-years-old and 5-foot-4 to 5-foot-8-inches tall. He was said to have driven off in a white Ford Explorer.

Update 10:40 a.m. 4/23/12: Evanston police this morning say they have identified a suspect in the shooting although the suspect is not yet in custody.

One of the victims, a 20-year-old Evanston resident, was shot in the back and is reported in fair condition at Evanston Hospital after undergoing emergency surgery last night.

The other, a 21-year-old Des Plaines resident who managed to run from the scene despite being shot in the knee, was reported in good condition.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Does it occur to anyone

    Something seems to be seriously wrong on the west side of Evanston [and somewhat lesser degree from Skokie line to Howard]. 

    It seems police patrols have not been enough.  You would expect to hear crime stories like come out of the west side, in Chicago—not Evanston.   It seems long past the time for major steps to be taken to clean-up this—and anyother high crime area.  One might be not rental or sale to anyone convicted of a felony and maybe the family of a feon if that person lived there at the time of the crime or would live there in the future.

    1. So true but not realistic

      I totally agree with the first half of your comment, although Evanston has been struggling for some time now to regain their street from violence. It is unrealistic to not give a person because they once lived with someone who committed a felony.

      Maybe if that person will be residing there once released. My husband is a felon; who has decded to change his way of. The things he took place in happened before we got married, should he nit have a place to stay?, should I not have a place to live because of his past decisions?

      Three years have gone by, he works a really good job, he works with youth in healthy life choices. Not giving them a place to live will not make our neighborhoods better, but giving them positive options might help.

  2. All this gun violence..

    Makes me seriously reconsider using the (safe-ish) bike path up Dodge, and the new one the city will be installing from Dodge/Church eastward. Who wants to drive through bullet fire? We have got to get priorities straight in this town.

    The Mayor and council's strategy of taxing the poor, unwelcome elements, and middle class folks out of town is taking far too long.

    1. Where are we going with this?

      To be honest im confused by the direction of this comment. I regret to assume by sentence structure that you are implying that that the mayor of Evanston has devised a plan purposely for "taxing the poor, unwelcome elements, and middle class folks". Thus you are implying this as being acceptable and in line with what he present and future of Evanston needs. I was born and raised in Evanston, know the young men who were attacked, and currently reside on the "Westside" of our Town.

      1. Leanings


        Just to make my leanings perfectly clear, I'm being a little facetious about the crime issues in our town and the rampant disregard elected officials here have for the economic situation many citizens find themselves in today.

        I wouldn't dream of turning Evanston into an all-wealthy homogenous place, but I'm sure there are those who do. I also own a home in West Evanston and really love the neighborhood and the character of the people.

  3. Maybe the mayor should take an unannounced…

    Drive through the westside of town.

    Everyday that I get off work I drive south down Dodge to get home after 5 p.m. I see about 10-15 people standing outside on the corner of Lyons and Dodge. Every day. The shooting was bound to happen. The area is an eye sore.

    The Police are stationed there too. But you have to remember they are only allowed by law to do so much.

    The people in that area need to call and complain to the mayor and the police station that they don't want people hanging around in front of their homes. Add no traspassing, no trespassing, no loitering signs.

    Whatever to get the message across. I do. I will continue to call the police and I will continue to call the mayor if I see it start up again this summer on our block.

    I pay my taxes and I want to keep my home and I want to help keep our block free of the negativity.

    Reality is: What's going to happen is they are just going to move around and find another corner to post at where the neighbors will allow this same thing to happen again.

    People, take control of your block!

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