The Evanston Firefighters Association Local 742 this week announced its endorsement of Patrick Keenan-Devlin, Democratic candidate for state representative in the 18th district.

Timothy Gobat, Local 742 Political Action Chairman, called Keenan-Devlin a strong ally for “working families of Illinois” who “will bring honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic” to Springfield.

Keenan-Devlin was also endorsed this month by a number of other labor organizations, including AFSCME Council 31, Illinois AFL-CIO, SEIU Doctors’ Council, SEIU Local 73 and UFCW Local 881.

In addition to key labor endorsements, Keenan-Devlin has been picking up support from community, political and advocacy groups across the district and region.

Keenan-Devlin was endorsed by the New Trier Democratic Organization. He also received the largest number of votes in the Democratic Party of Evanston’s Endorsement Session – taking 46 percent of the total. In the five-way race, he received was twice as many votes as his nearest competitor.

He was endorsed by Citizen Action/Illinois, the state’s largest public interest and consumer advocacy organization. Keenan-Devlin was also endorsed by Personal PAC, a pro-choice political action committee, and the Stonewall Democrats, a grassroots network of LGBT activists who work extensively on marriage equality.

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  1. Endorsed by PACs not – a vote for taxpayers!
    What will Patrick Keenan-Devlin, Democratic candidate for state representative in the 18th district do to solve the police and fire pension crisis we have in Evanston and state wide?

    Given he is endorsed by the fire fighters, not much!

    1. Pay the bills, perhaps?
      I don’t know Mr. Keenan-Devlin’s specific platform on pension reform, but perhaps it is as simple this: pay the bills when they are due instead of deferring what is owed for decades at a time.

      Does anyone imagine they can make any progress toward paying down their debt by paying LESS THAN the minimum? Past city councils have done just that, in spite of lawsuits being filed in attempts to wake the city up to the pension funding crisis.

      1. Pay the bills?
        Yes, we know Mr. Devlin will pay the bills… starting with AFSCME. He has been bought and paid for even before his carefully planned political career ever starts. I love the “New Way”! God, I hope the people of the 18th district see through his $250,000 barrage of propaganda!

  2. How about a candidate endorsed by the taxpayers?
    We need a candidate who is committed to the taxpayers and not to the unions. One who is willing to take on the unions and fight for reductions in salary and benefits. Public sector compensation, particularly to unionized public employees, is out of control and needs to be reined in. Given the union sponsorship of Mr. Keenan-Devlin, clearly he is not the man to get it done and will not be receiving my vote.

    1. unions and Kennan-Devlin
      ‘Given the union sponsorship of Mr. Keenan-Devlin, clearly he is not the man to get it done and will not be receiving my vote.’

      The problem is that none of the candidates are desirable. Kennan-Devlin is supported by the firefighters union. Jeff Smith is a member of the nefarious Central Street NIMBY Association and he is not an advocate of standing up to the unions …Eamon Kelly is friendly with the teachers unions…and Robyn Gabel is endorsed by a bunch of ‘health care professionals’ (people who benefit from increased state spending on social services) and Jan Schakowsky.

      The Republican candidate supports the ‘Tea Party’ movement.

      1. Count me in
        The Republican candidate supports the ‘Tea Party’ movement.

        Add that to the list of reasons why I’ll be voting for the Republican.

        1. Moran’s track record — no concern outside his own ward
          Consider Eb Moran’s actions on the Evanston City Council. He loved every subsidized housing program ever brought to the Council. But miraculously, despite his many years on the Council, there is not one unit of subsidized housing in his ward.

          He received awards for his support of these programs. But he very carefully did nothing to encourage any units to be built in his ward.

          I view him as the run-of-the-mill politician — do as I say and I’ll do as I please to take care of my own interests.

          I will not vote for someone who has taken action repeatedly to overload other areas of Evanston with an excess of subsidized housing. While he was taking those detrimental actions, he kept his own ward from needing to address the issues that must be addressed by an area when subsidized housing moves in.

          He did not care about my area of town when he was on the Council. He does not deserve the vote of anyone outside his old ward.

      2. Funding social services
        I’m not sure what anonymous has against increaing social services funding. That money doesn’t just go to the emplyees. It goes to help people with disablities. Illinois right now is 49th in the nation in funding social services. I work in a group home for adults with disablities. The agency is going broke because the state owes them so much money. I can always get another job. But where are the people who are the most vulnerable supposed to go.
        Do you really think the private sector will pay for their care?
        You sound like an ilinformed teabagger.

  3. I’ll take the Republican
    The Tea party movement is about protesting government overtaxation and overspending.

    I’ll take the Republican candidate any day.

    It’s time we have some political diversity in our area.

    Did your property tax bill this year increase as your property values for a third consecutive year decreased? Are you happy about it?

    Send a message to the corrupt tax happy Democrats. Vote Republican.

    1. Amen
      Amen, Al. For a town that likes to think of itself as tolerant and diverse it sure is neither one of those when it comes to political views.

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