Vacation rental ban: Will it work?


Evanston aldermen tonight are scheduled to vote to introduce an ordinance that would ban vacation rentals in Evanston.

The action comes after residents of two different blocks — one in south Evanston, the other in northeast Evanston — complained about noise from a neighbor’s vacation rental.

City Attorney Grant Farrar, who drafted the ordinance, says similar bans have been adopted by New York City and two small California towns — Pismo Beach and Seal Beach.

To check how effective the bans have been, we took a look at AirBnB.com, a popular site matching would-be vacation renters with property owners.

We turned up nearly 20,000 listings for New York City vacation rentals, four in Pismo Beach, population 7,655, and five in Seal Beach, population 24,168.

That compares to about 18 listed for Evanston, for our population of just under 75,000.

The proposed ordinance carries a fine of $100 for a first offense, rising to $500 for third and subsequent violations.

Top: A home at 2515 Ashland that has drawn complaints from neighbors. Above: A home at 1525 Dobson that also drew complaints.

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