Vaccination rates here continue to outpace region

Evanstonians are less likely to be vaccine-hesitant than the average Illinois resident.

The pace of COVID vaccinations in Evanston continues to run ahead of the pace in Chicago, suburban Cook County and statewide.

City officials, using data from the Illinois Department of Public Health, say 92.35% of Evanstonians age 65 and over had been fully vaccinated as of Monday. That’s up from 89.3% a week earlier.

By contrast, the IDPH says 68.55% of Cook County residents 65 and over are fully vaccinated, up from 66.3% a week ago. The rate for the same group in Chicago is only 62.22%, up from 60% a week earlier.

The Evanston data shows 71.92 of residents age 16 to 64 have received at least one dose of the vaccine, while the comparable levels are 48.9% in Chicago, 48.68% in Cook County and 44.91% across the state.

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