Viewpoint: Tough choice for 202 board


We have an active race for District 202 school board.  There are only three spots. But there are four good candidates.

Originally I planned to endorse only one candidate, Scott Rochelle.  I am a co-chair of Scott’s campaign committee and am confident that he will be an exceptional school board member.  Scott has one goal, improving education for all of our students.  To that mission he brings strong education expertise.  As a lawyer he practices school law and he is a University of Illinois trained education policymaker.

He also brings new energy, a passion to serve, and a deep commitment to the Evanston community he and grew up in together.  I ask that you vote for Scott Rochelle.

Because I thought so highly of the other three candidates, I originally planned to make no more endorsements. But as the campaign has become more charged, I realized the other three candidates for District 202 school board deserved my support (and modest contribution) as well.

I know each of them–Mark, Jane and Jonathan–and to a person they are running because they want the best for every child in Evanston.

Mark Metz is seeking reelection after being appointed to the board. As a volunteer high school baseball coach and a financial manager he brings a great balance of needed business savvy and youth involvement. He cares deeply for our children and does not shy away from tough decisions.  He deserves your support.

Jane Colleton is an educator, a twenty year board member and a lifetime advocate for excellence for all children.   Jane believes that all children can succeed and has always set the highest academic and personal standards: whether you were a preschooler at Chiaravalle, a student at Dewey, or a teenager at ETHS.  There is a significant and diverse group of Evanstonians that have Jane to thank for starting and guiding them down a path towards academic achievement and collegiate success.  She brings that passion and those expectations to the board and deserves your support.

Jonathan Baum is a public servant and attorney.  He is seeking election after previously serving on the District 65 board.  Serving with him on the Y.O.U. board I see first-hand his passion for youth and ability to advocate for our children.  As befits a civil rights attorney, he has a proven and deep commitment to helping all children achieve their potential.  He too deserves your support.

We are blessed to have such qualified and passionate candidates.

Nonetheless, the debate has heated up and evaluations are being made. As parents and taxpayers we all have the right to ask tough questions and expect much from our schools and for our children.  But, we also owe all four our deep thanks for stepping forward to serve.

When you go to the ballot box please vote for Scott Rochelle.  As you cast your other two votes, I hope that even if you cannot vote for all of the candidates that they will at least get your thanks.

Eamon Kelly, an associate in the Chicago law firm of Jenner & Block, was one of five candidates in the race for the 18th District state house seat last year.

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