Vote set on Evanston Yellow Line station


The Evanston City Council is scheduled to vote Monday on whether to accept a report that recommends locating a proposed Evanston stop on the CTA Yellow Line at Asbury Avenue.

The final report, which largely tracks an earlier version presented at a public meeting in January, says the Asbury location would cost 30 percent less than a station at Dodge Avenue and that it would likely generate about 30 percent more ridership.

Asbury is also about a mile from the Howard Street terminus of the Yellow Line, which fits the pattern across much of the CTA system of locating stations roughly a mile apart.

Funding for the proposed project hasn't been determined, and it's expected to be at least several years before the station could be built, assuming funding is found.

The reports says a phase one preliminary engineering and environmental study would be the next step in the process and would cost about $1.3 million and take up to two years.

That would be followed by a one to two year design process costing about $600,000, and a construction process lasting up to two years and costing about $23 million.

Much of the funding could come from federal grants, but the availability of that money is uncertain.

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