Walgreens got some national media attention today announcing plans for its new south Evanston store that Evanston Now readers learned about last fall.

As reported by Reuters and other media from a company news release, the Deerfield-based drug store chain anticipates that the new store, with solar arrays on the roof and wind turbines out front, will generate about 256,000 kilowatt hours of electricity each year, while using only about 200,000 kilowatt hours.

That would make it what Walgreens claims will be the nation’s first “net zero” energy consumption retail store.

The plans for the radically new design were presented to Evanston officials last October and replaced an earlier, more conventional design for rebuilding the store at the corner of Chicago Avenue and Keeney Street. 

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Glad to see the new Walgreen’s design

    Glad to see that Walgreen's is abandoning their old stogey designs and shooting for zero net energy.  I assume that this is not the rendering for the exact site on Chicago Ave. In the drawing, it looks almost as large as a Costco!

    1. Could be close. Remember,

      Could be close. Remember, they are taking down the old video store on the corner. And the old Walgreens was bigger then it looked when you got inside!

      What I am wondering about is the height; at the north end it looks tall enough for a second story. Is this going to be a one level or two level store?

  2. Walgreens design

    As with most drawings of proposed buildings, this gives [I asuume], a very inaccurate presentation.

    1. I'm told the stores on the 'strip' NE of the site will still be there.  The drawing shows none of them.  Inaccurate ?

    2. As I recall and am told, the only stores being torn-down for the new building are the current Walgreens and Video Adventures [say good by to the next to last video store unless there are plans to re-locate it].

    3. I cannot see how the building in the drawing could ever fit in the space of the current Walgreens and Video Adventure.  In fact assuming the drawing is from the NE corner of Chicago Ave. it seems hard to believe it could even fit in the entire current shoping center area.

    4. The drawing makes me wonder if other 'proposed' building drawings bear any correspondence with reality or if the city just wants them to 'look' great but build something [much] less.  E.g 5th Ward school [maybe a more realistic plan would have been approved], apartments where theaters on Central were, proposed McDonalds on Central/Crawford [maybe a real plan would have raised fewer objections], etc..


  3. Oh Evanston!

    Interesting…I do know that the final outcome of the store will look nothing like that…where do all the other stores fit into a remodel? Finally this walgreens is the last to be updated….Glad to know they can use property of Video Adventure for its new expansion…but the parking and the rendering are going to have residents up in arms. 

    1. They’re still there….

      The other stores are still north of the re-oriented Walgreens store. They are not shown in the picture except as a  gray "wall' looking thing with cars parked in front. Note to all – the Walgreens is being rotated on the lot from its current orientation.

  4. Typical

    Typical Evanston.  FIGHT!  OPPOSE!  PROTEST! 

    Look ahead, not behind.  It is not the '50s anymore.

    We should be happy a company (locally HQered) is making this committment to stay in Evanston.

    We should only wish Evanston were easier to do business with to attract new business, instead of the myriad of non profit theatres and art galleries and giveaways for Aldermanic pet projects that will be bankrupt in a years time.

    Get a clue Evanston. 

    So tired of this. 

    I welcome the Walgreens renovation.

    1. I’m confused

      I don't see anything in the story about opposing or proteting.  Is there a group trying to block this?   I hope it goes through.  could be a great thing!  a model for other businesses.  Who is opposing or protesting?

      1. Responded based on this thread, not the story

        I responded as such based on the comments on this thread about the proposed new design and lot specifications, parking, "residents up in arms…".

        I just see a familiar pattern here, that is all. 

        Who knows, I hope I am wrong, and there will be no opposition to this development.

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