Watching the downtown snow cleanup in action


In case you don't live in downtown Evanston and have been wondering what all the overnight snow cleanup work that's been going on the past few days looks like, here's a time-lapse account.

Evanston Now reader Nan Anderson got a view of the action from her window looking out on Davis Street in the block between Ridge and Oak avenues Tuesday night and shared these photos of crews first using their heavy equipment to push the snow out from the curbs to the middle of the street.

Once it was all piled up there they started loading it onto trucks to be hauled away.

And after the pile was down to nothing, they salted the street so you might think it had hardly snowed at all.

Ah, well, maybe we shouldn't go that far … but it does look a lot cleaner.

The whole job, on this part of the street, took about 90 minutes, Anderson says.

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