Water main break impacts nursing home


Evanston water crews are turning off water service to the Albany Care nursing home at 901 Maple Ave. at this hour as they work to repair a water main break nearby.

The water main break occurred Wednesday at the intersection of Washington Street and Elmwood Avenue and a crew working on it hasn't been able to finish the work.

Completing the repare requires shutting off a 24-inch diameter water main that runs along Elmwood and Maple avenues between South Boulevard and Main Street.

City utility officials say the nursing home andd the fire department have been advised of the shutoff.

It wasn't immediately known how many other customers, beside the nursing home with its estimated 375 residents, are affected by the shutoff.

Update 1/4/13 11:20 a.m: City officials say the water main break has now been repaired and that water service to the nursing home was only cut off for about two hours.

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