What should you do during a traffic stop?


Comments Evanston Now readers have submitted following Wednesday’s release of the video of the traffic stop of a Northwestern University student who police believed had stolen a car indicate a lot of confusion about what a driver should do when pulled over by police.

The Illinois Rules of the Road handbook issued by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office is pretty clear about that, saying (at page 84) that the driver should:

“Stay in the driver’s seat with both hands clearly in sight on the steering wheel until the officer instructs you otherwise or the traffic stop is complete. Do not exit your vehicle unless asked to do so. Getting out of your vehicle can be perceived as aggressive behavior and a threat to the officer’s safety. Turn on your interior light if stopped at night.”

HB6131, adopted by the state legislature last summer, will require that all driver education courses include instruction concerning law enforcement procedures for traffic stops, including a demonstration of the proper actions to be taken during a traffic stop and appropriate interactions with law enforcement.

During the Oct. 10, 2015 incident shown in the video released Wednesday, the driver, Lawrence Crosby, got out of his car as soon as he was pulled over.

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