What's your favorite spot in Evanston?

In your opinion, what is Evanston's most interesting or beautiful spot? You might choose it for historical, personal or aesthetic reasons.

 Why do I ask? Because I'm organizing a theatrical walking tour. When you have all voted on your favorite spots, I will ask local playwrights to write short plays to be performed in those spots. During the walk tour, we'll start at the first place and see the first play, walk together to the next place for the next play, and so on. It's a great opportunity to see our beautiful city in a fresh way.

 If you want to immortalize your favorite place, tell me what it is. Please give the most specific location you can (address, intersection, etc), describe it, and briefly explain why it's your favorite spot.

Thanks for your help!



My favorite spot in Evanston

My favorite spot in Evanston is right along the lake on Sheridan Road, south border of Evanston. It's right across from the cemetery, but driving on that patch and seeing the sun come up over the rocks is amazing.

My Favorite Spot in Evanston

Gigios pizzaria, maple and davis. Deserves to be immortalized.

The island? That sounds

The island? That sounds mysterious and great? Where is it?

Merrick Rose Garden

I love the Merrick Rose Garden, on Lake Street. Sitting there on a June day with the sun shining and listening to the fountain, I feel peaceful and serene.

Bookman's Alley

It's hard to choose a favorite spot, but I have to say Bookman's Alley. I love the fact that you have to enter through an alley--it feels mysterious and magical. AND, of course, it's a great book store!


I'd say my favorite spot is the lighthouse and the beach area just north of that. It's north of the Northwestern campus (the lighthouse might be on the campus technically). Platform looks down on the beach. Pretty spot.

Not in Evanston, but the sculpture park in Skokie is also pretty cool. Not enough shade for my taste, but an interesting area.

Oh yes, the lighthouse is

Oh yes, the lighthouse is wonderful. I particularly like the community gardens there--they always smell like mint and basil.

Favorite Evanston spot

Not very original, but it has to be the Northwestern landfill -- the area on the lake behind the Norris Center where you can bike with abandon. As an Evanston Township High School student, I'd slip into the NU library to do research, then take a spin around the landfill before heading home to go through my notecards.

Masonic Temple

The Masonic Temple on Maple Avenue. Sooo mysterious!

My favorite place is

My favorite place is Lovelace Park in northwest Evanston. The fishing pond is a great place to go with kids and enjoy some quiet time with the family while the kids catch lots of fish.


I love the lighthouse. It is romantic, majestic and historic.


Northwestern University is amazingly beautiful and fun. So much to see and do and the lake is right there.


Dawes Park

I love to picnic in Dawes Park. It's particularly peaceful at sunset. And one of my very favorite Evanston events is the Ethnic Arts Fair in Dawes Park, always a great time.

Frances Willard House

I love the Frances Willard House. It's fascinating because of its history and because of its appearance.

Fountain Square

Fountain Square, of course. It's a great place to have lunch, watch folks pass by, or just soak up the sun. Plus, it's the location of one my best-ever first dates. After a Thai dinner, we wandered around and ended up sitting in Fountain Square, talking and holding hands for hours. It was really wonderful. My friend moved away, so the relationship is over, but the friendship continues. As does my love of Fountain Square.

822 Crain Street

This is the oldest surviving Evanston home originally built by an African American family.

I'm a sucker for the petshop

I'm a sucker for the petshop window of Thee Fishbowl. Love to stand there and goggle at the kitties or puppies.