Where each mayoral candidate was strongest


Mayoral candidate Steve Hagerty topped the 50 percent mark in eight precincts across Evanston in Tuesday’s primary election.

Unofficial precinct-level vote tallies released by the Cook County Clerk’s office show that Hagerty, who averaged 44.3 percent of the vote, topped the 50 percent mark in eight precincts.

He was especially strong along the lakefront — doing better than his average in lakefront precincts in the 1st, 3rd and 7th Wards. He also topped the 50 percent mark in three 2nd Ward precincts, where he had the endorsement of Alderman Peter Braithwaite.

Hagerty also did better than his average in several 4th Ward precincts in the center of town and in three 6th Ward precincts in northwest Evanston — despite having two mayoral opponents — Jeff Smith and Mark Tendam — from the 6th Ward.

Tendam, the 6th Ward alderman, did better than his 20.43 percent average in all seven precincts of his home ward as well as in several 4th Ward precincts and a smattering of precincts elsewhere.

Among the candidates who failed to make it into the runoff,

  • Brian Miller did better than his 18.73% vote average in all six precincts in the 9th Ward that he represents as alderman and in all five precincts in the adjoining 8th Ward in south Evanston.
  • Jeff Smith did better than his 12.71% vote average in four of the seven precincts in his home ward. Otherwise he had better than average results in selected precincts scattered all across the city.
  • Gary Gaspard, who drew only 3.49% of the vote, did dramatically better than his average in parts of the 2nd, 5th and 8th Wards and slightly better than average in a smattering of other precincts around town.

Now the job for Hagerty and Tendam will be to see how much of the vote for the three losing candidates in the primary they can convert to votes for themselves in the general election on April 4.

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