Windfarm issue gets more press

Been following the recent debate about a possible windfarm off Evanston’s Lake Michigan shoreline?

Wondered about the City Council’s approval of plans to test developer interest in such a project?

Then you may want to check out a feature story on the state of wind turbine projects elsewhere along the Atlantic seaboard and on the Great Lakes in today’s New York Times.

The story suggests there’s a long road ahead for any windfarm plan in the U.S. to clear environmental, regulatory and economic hurdles.

But it notes that many wind turbines, like the one pictured here off the English coast, are already operating in Europe.

Update 3:15 p.m. 4/28/10: The federal government today approved the nation’s first offshore wind farm, signing off on a plan to build 130 wind turbines several miles from the Massachusetts coast on Nantucket Sound. Details from CNN.


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