A Shout Across Time: Music/Astronomy Multimedia


A free, public outreach event hosted by CIERA (Northwestern’s astronomy center), “A Shout Across Time” is a multimedia performance combining astronomy visuals, narration, and live classical music performed by students from Northwestern’s Bienen School of Music. Weather permitting, attendees will enjoy an outdoor telescope viewing after the show! Two pieces will be featured:

A multimedia experience inspired by Einstein’s theories on general relativity, black holes, and gravitational waves, with music composed by Ira Mowitz (originally part of the “Celebrating Einstein” project at Montana State University)

A new multimedia piece for brass quintet developed by astronomer and musician Kyle Kremer that highlights the upcoming 2017 Solar Eclipse.

Directions & Parking: 
Nichols Concert Hall at the Music Institute of Chicago in Evanston

~ ~ ~

This event is organized by CIERA graduate student Kyle Kremer and is funded by CIERA Postdoctoral Fellow, Laura Sampson, who won a prestigious 2016 “For Women in Science” Fellowship from L’Oréal USA, in part to develop astronomy outreach programs. The event is part of Kyle Kremer’s Cosmos in Concert initiative. Through multimedia shows, in-school residencies, and public outreach events, Cosmos in Concert introduces a new platform for science education and outreach.

Image credit: A. Riazuelo, IAP/UPMC/CNRS

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