Special Screening ‘Age of Love’ Documentary


The award-winning documentary "The Age of Love" follows 30 older adults who sign up for a speed dating event held exclusively for 70 to 90 year- olds.

Services for Adults Staying in Their Homes (SASI), North Shore Village and Mallinckrodt Active Adult Center are co-sponsoring a free screening of the film on Friday, September 25, at 3:00 p.m. at the Mallinckrodt Center, 1041A Ridge Road in Wilmette.

While the world's fastest-growing age group is 65+, this is a generation often overlooked in a youth obsessed culture — especially in the area of “looking for love.” The film follows older adults who are smart, articulate and emotionally complex on a journey that requires bravery at any age.  Viewers enter the lives of these older adults who still hope to be seen and understood, desire touch and seek a chance at love.

“No one, not even my children, asks me what’s in my heart anymore,” states one 74-year-old speed dater.  That ultimately is at the heart of the  film—how dreams and desires in later years don’t change so much, the pursuit of companionship is universal and lifelong.

"The Age of Love" is a 2013 winner of the Paley Center Doc Pitch Competition for films that “have the potential to change hearts and minds” in American culture. In an era where people of a certain age are either invisible or a stereotype, the film portrays older adults in a way that is respectful, entertaining and revealing. 

Refreshments and a discussion about the themes of the film will follow. The event is free, but registration is required. To register, call 847-256-9623.

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