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Catalyst destroys toxic nerve agents quickly

Northwestern University scientists have developed a robust new material, inspired by biological catalysts, that is extraordinarily effective at destroying toxic nerve agents that are a threat around the globe. First used 100 years ago during World War I, deadly chemical weapons continue to be a challenge to combat. The material, a zirconium-based metal-organic framework (MOF), […]

Streets Alive!

The 2014 Streets Alive! will be held on Sunday, Sept. 7, from 1 to 6 p.m. Main Street will be closed to motor vehicles from Hinman Avenue to the Robert Crown Center. This mile-long event sponsored by Evanston Streets Alive will connect four of Evanston’s nine wards — the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 9th wards, as well as two key […]

Differences between 7th Ward Candidates

Over the course of this campaign, I have endeavored to articulate my positions and explain my reasoning process. I have spoken at City Council meetings, written blogs and responded to others’. My opponents in the 7th Ward aldermanic race have not been as prolific, but with several forums and multiple questionnaires from various community groups, […]

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AT&T: Video plan would cost less

An AT&T official told aldermen Monday the phone giant wants to bring a new video service to Evanston to compete with Comcast cable. Marc Blakeman, an AT&T regional vice president, said the new internet-protocol-based video service, called U-verse, is delivered over fiber optic lines to distribution boxes called nodes and from there over conventional copper […]