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    1. Greedy Four?

      What are you talking about?  Did Tendam and Grover even speak about the issue?  Since when does asking for a report constitute being greedy?

      1. OK

        Pardon me. The greedy three (Wilson, Holmes, Eckersall) and the "just might be greedy if a report says it's ok" one (Fiske). Peace out!

        1. Why didn’t the committee killl the report?

          The question we need to ask is why didn't  the committee stop discussion of providing pensions for alderpersons and the assessor?

          Why are they wasting staff time, if they are not going to approve pensions for themselves?

          When I spoke out against providing medical benefits for part time alderperson's not one responded to discuss the issue.  By the way 9 out 10 of the alderpersons and Mayor are taking the benefits.l ( per a FOI) cost to taxpayers $110,000. 

          This is interesting since none of these individuals are full time employees of the city – ( no other part time employees get these benefits)  you can not live on $12,000 salary in Evanston – but it tells you the city medical benefit program is gold plated. If almost all the elected officials are using it.

          The pension issue might be more interesting since it might create an interesting IRS issue for some of these people if the  the city provides them withy a pension.

        2. Shoot First

          Make accusations first, investigate facts later.  It's the internet way.  You're also jumping to a conclusion that Fiske would want to take advantage of the pension.  Maybe if they are found to be legal she would propose eliminating them.  But, hey, why wait to hear what she has to say when we can jump to conclusions now.  Pesky facts take too much work to investigate.  That's why so many "comments" on the site are really just requests for other people to do the research (see the above "trivia" question).

  1. Elected Officials – Pensions

    It would be interesting to find out what elected officials currently receive pension benefits other than our City Clerk who is full time??  Does anyone know?? Good Trivia question.  Also, what previous Aldermen might be collecting pension that we are not aware of???

  2. Making progress

    Junad is making some progress…this cartoon is less cluttered than previous ones, has  a  message that is pretty clear (although it is misguided) , and is pretty easy to follow.

    The brownie lady is just a distraction..(is that supposed to be Mayor Tisdahl, or Ernie?) .and of course it really isn't necessary to label the "Evanston Taxpayer Wheel of Misfortune" – we can figure it  out from the drawing that they're playing Wheel of Fortune.

    But something's missing….why no  'In Taxes we Trust'?  What happened to the  catchphrase?

    1. Thank you

      Mr Who – thank you for your praise. 

      That being said, take a look at the Wheel of Misfortune and you will see " In Taxes we Trust"

      You answered your own question about the Brownie Lady. ( not Ernie)



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