Vehicle sticker sales start Oct. 22


City of Evanston vehicle stickers and residential parking permits for 2013 go on sale Oct. 22.

Vehicle stickers and parking permits must be purchased by Dec. 14 and displayed by Jan. 1. Applications will be mailed to residents Oct. 19.

If you don't get an application form in the mail, forms can be printed out from the city webiste or picked up at the collector's office in the Civic Center starting Oct. 22.

The city code requires all vehicles registered to an Evanston address to pay an annual wheel tax and display a valid city vehicle sticker. A regular passenger car sticker costs $75. Rates for other types of vehicles can be found online.

A penalty of 50 percent of the fee may be added to all applications postmarked after Dec. 16, 2012.

Vehicle sticker plus parking permit

Residents needing both a vehicle sticker and a residential parking permit can request both either by mail or in-person at the collector’s office.

For in-person sales, residents are required to present their state vheicle registration.

Vehicle sticker only

Residents who just need a vehicle sticker can purchase one online or in person at the Civic Center, the Levy Center and the Fleetwood-Jourdain Center. Sale hours are posted online.

Discounts for seniors

Residents fulfilling eligibility requirements may receive a 50 percent discount on one vehicle sticker per household by obtaining an Evanston Benefit Card.

If a resident applied for and received a benefit card last year, it will not be valid this year. Residents who do not have a current card may apply for one at the Levy Senior Center.

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