Robbery victim shot in foot

Evanston police say a man was shot in the foot early Saturday morning after a group of three men robbed him and his companions in the 1800 block of Brown Avenue.

The three robbers — one armed with a handgun — ordered their victims to get on the ground and went through their pockets, stealing their wallets — and then, as they were leaving, the gunman fired two shots toward the victims.

The robbers were described as black males about 20 to 25 years old. One said to be about 6-feet tall, and 160-170 pounds with a dark complexion, wearing a black ski mask and dark clothing.

The second robber was described as about 5-feet-10-inches tall, weighing 140-150 pounds with a light complexion and a long ponytail, wearing all black clothing.

The third robber was also said to be dressed all in black. 

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